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How Short Term Loans For Bad Credit work?

Whether you live paycheck to paycheck or have a flourishing business, cash issues may crop up any time. And clearly, only hard cash can resolve these issues. The best approach would be to seek a short-term loan if the requirement is immediate but you don’t want to build a long-term liability. Though it is easy to get such a loan (particularly if you apply online), bad credit can be a…

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Never Shout Never Announce 8/7 Release of Black Cat

Never Shout Never, aka Christofer Drew and his fellow bandmates,will release their brand new, highly-anticipated studio album, entitled Black Cat, on August 7th via Warner Bros. Records. The album will be available for pre-order starting today, June 9th. The first single from the album “Hey! We OK,” will be available as an instant download for those who pre-order. 

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My Little Pony Friendship is Magic: Adventures of the Cutie Mark Crusaders DVD Review

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is still an absolute force when it comes to the children’s market, and Shout! Kids has parlayed that fame into a compilation DVD containing five memorable episodes of the show (Twilight Time, The Cutie Pox, Pinkie Pride, The Cutie Mark Chronicles, and Flight to the Finish); these choice episodes are taken from seasons 1, 2, and 4. Of the included episodes, The Cutie Mark…

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Powerstar Golf Review

At times, Powerstar Golf feels a lot like playing its real-world counterpart. Like real golf, Powerstar is filled with frustration, botched shots, curse words muttered under your breath as your shot bounces into the bunker for the hundredth time, and promises that you’ll never play again. But then you hit that one shot, that one perfect shot, and it makes all the frustration worth it. Powerstar Golf is an arcade-style…

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Due to HP’s faulty motherboards and crappy customer service, I have been without my laptop for nearly two months. Although I dislike excuses, my excuse is totally legit and I apologize. My posts will be more frequent now that I have been re-connected to the internet.

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