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Samuel Adams’ Fat Jack is the rare example of a pumpkin-themed beer that showcases the natural flavor of the gourd rather than taking up a set of flavors more akin to a pumpkin pie. The beer is a hazy orange-brown color and pours with a small amount of yellowish-tan head that will create lacing down a glass. The initial nose of Fat Jack provides imbibers with some idea about where the beer will ultimately go, providing hints of allspice and cinnamon.



There is a slightly thicker mouthfeel to this beer that allows for layers of flavors to hit an individual. The earthiness of the pumpkin comes first, with a slight hop and alcohol burn providing a refreshing quality that will keep one involved in the beer. The spicier elements make their way to the fore at points to grant the beer hints of nutmeg; Fat Jack is able to separate itself from the rest of the pumpkin patch due to the sheer depth of flavors that will be experienced in each bottle. The brew is pretty unique but I feel that pairing with saltier foods (chips, pretzels) and creamier cheeses would make for a memorable night. The 22.9 ounce bottle size would serve nicely for a chilly autumn night.

Make sure to search out bottles of Fat Jack, as the beer is a seasonal (limited-availability) offering and will be off of shelves before you know it. For more information about the full array of Samuel Adams year-round and seasonal beers, their domain is a great repository of information. We have covered a number of the brewery’s beers in the past, including their Rebel IPA, Alpine Spring, Summer Ale, and Kosmic Mother Funk .

Rating: 8.3/10

Fat Jack (Double Pumpkin) / Samuel Adams / 8.5% ABV / 25 IBU / /

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