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Ron Holm and Jannie Nelson are Trinadora, and start out their new release Trinadora Sounds with a Cajun-styled effort, Like The Waters Of A Bayou. The dual vocals take on a wide variety of styles, with hints of bluegrass, traditional country, and 1970s pop. The sheer range of Trinadora on this album is considerable, with Café On The Square possessing a very metropolitan sound; Jannie’s vocals builds upon the work of Karen Carpenter and Juice Newton. The finesse of the guitar during this song is impressive, providing another type of narration. While the composition can be purely enjoyed at the surface level, there is an incredibly complex arrangement that will provide listeners with new twists and turns each time they spin it.


Should I Say It is our favorite track on Trinadora Sounds; there are just so many things occurring at any one second. The talent of Trinadora shines through here, as the variety of sounds that come forth here all contribute to a bouncing, driving effort. The back and forth between Ron and Jannie’s vocals are the cherry on top of that sundae.

On My Mind Again is another stylistic change for Trinadora; the classic blues/pop (think Lena Horne) vocals of Jannie elicit visions of a smoky NYC bar while the piano roll fills in the gap. A harmonica adds the finishing garnish to this composition.

Who We Are slows things up, giving fans a look into the tender side of Trinadora; the dynamism of the instruments here make for another track that will yield more each time one spins Trinadora Sounds. Trinadora Sounds captures numerous interests but never loses its vision; we will be playing this through the autumn.

Top Tracks: Should I Say It, Café On The Square

Rating: 8.0/10

Trinadora – Trinadora Sounds CD Review / 2015 Self / 11 Tracks /

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