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HIT Entertainment is back at it with their latest DVD release, Playtime Pals. Playtime Pals is another in the line of compilations that provide children and their parents a number of different snippets of shows. This time, viewers can take on Bob the Builder, Kipper, Thomas & Friends, Barney, Fifi and the Flowertots and Fireman Sam in the course of an hour. Throw a bonus episode – Roary the Racing Car in Roary Cleans Up His Act and what results is something that will undoubtedly be in DVD players for months after the initial purchase.

I would love to see Lionsgate take this idea and run with it for more adult types of shows; make a “Best of the Nineties” DVD with episodes of Herman’s Head, The Drew Carey Show, Wings, and market it at the same price point as “Playtime Pals”; I just have a feeling that a number of individuals just get burned out on these DVD sets that only focus on one show. 0So, if you have a child or children aged around 0 to 8 years (younger or older limits dependent on what the child prefers), purchase “Playtime Palls” and similar titles from HIT Favorites.

The audio and sound quality are just as sharp as each show’s original release, while other features (such as the red color of the DVD case) ensures that children will be able to point out the DVD even if it is in a bookcase or entertainment stand. The DVD’s $15 price point is competitive (if not better than) the price point for other childrens’ toys and movies on the market, so in this down economy, “Playtime Pals” should be your next purchase.

Rating: 7.5/10

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