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A Pale Mosaic is an India Pale Ale (IPA) from Austin, TX’s Hops & Grain brewery. The beer pours with a hazy yellow to goldenrod coloration. The nose of A Pale Mosaic is floral with hints of grass and citrus elements. There is a spotty lacing that makes an appearance variously in one’s glass.mosaic With the initial sip, imbibers will be hit with strong pine and lemony, orange-heavy flavors.

There is a solid hop bite that allows one’s palette to continually be refreshed as hints of pepper and herb make their presence known in the latter half of A Pale Mosaic. The variety of flavors here create something that is incredibly deep and complex. The bitterness from the hops retreats slightly as one continues on with the beer; wheatier and more malt-heavy elements become much more dominant. It is this continually-shifting set of flavors that make this into such an eminently drinkable effort. A Pale Mosaic would perform admirably when paired with fish, chicken, fruit plates, dried meats, and any sort of creamy cheeses. The 5.93% ABV mark of A Pale Mosaic is the perfect mar, as the lack of the alcoholic bite allows more of the tender elements the ability to shine through.

Hops & Grain’s Porter Culture was one of the finest beers we’ve reviewed in 2015.  For more information about each of the varieties of beer that Hops & Grain creates, give their website a whirl. The brewery’s social media profiles are perfect repositories for information concerning a variety of their events (dinners, cheese pairings), food truck visits and new product information. A beer to search out if you are a fan of any hop-forward effort.

Rating: 8.9/10

A Pale Mosaic (India Pale Ale) / Hops & Grain / 5.93% ABV / / / /

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