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NeuFutur Magazine is premiering the scenic and serene video for “The Future Perfect,” the new single from acclaimed electronic songwriter DeModa. DeModa describes the music of “The Future Perfect” as “very soft and endearing for the purpose of showing the sensitivity the protagonist feels towards the antagonist.” He attributes the song’s serene nature to a mother’s love for her child, and notes that the video for “The Future Perfect” perfectly captures that sentiment


With influences culled from tropical, hip-hop, and electro beats, the NY-based DeModa crafts emotional soundscapes that have received rave reviews on,, and DeModa released “Clear Conscience” as a single in August and Polar South is his forthcoming album.

According to, DeModa “bridges the gap between electronic serenity and dance floor vibrancy incredibly well.” The laptop wiz has been playing guitar since he was twelve. He has since sharpened his sonic skills with regular performances at Pacha NYC and Slake.

Music blog Surviving The Golden Age calls “The Future Perfect” a song “whose warmth is welcome as winter approaches.” Branded “an electronic lover’s idea of heaven” by Alana Shulz of The DJ List, DeModa features catchy melodies, groovy bass lines, and popping drums.

“The Future Perfect” started when a good friend asked, “Would you write a song for my son?” I fiddled around with some chords and laid the groundwork for “The Future Perfect.” The song represents yearning, soothing, and unwavering love. I feel that through the serenity of the scenic shots and the chemistry of the actors, we were able to visually capture the tone of the song in the video.”

More information on DeModa is available on his official website and the rest of his social media:


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