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Over the course of the last year, we have been fortunate to sit down with Dena and give her last album, Lullabies, a reviewYou've Changed

Ain’t Got Nothing But The Blues is a very traditional blues-tinged track that has a hint of honky-tonk. Taylor’s vocals play out on the top of the track, but the backing instrumentation experienced during this single establish a stellar backdrop. There is a richness this this composition that makes You’ve Changed inherently inviting. The sizzling horns of And I Don’t Care Who Knows are bolstered by Dena’s vocals. The deliberate tempo of the track hammers home the message of the track, while giving listeners something which to slow-dance.

We were particular fans of the walking bass line that initiates Close Your Eyes. The more restrained style of Dena during this effort provides highlighting to the band, making for something special and wholly different on the album. The Masquerade Is Over could easily exist in the twenties or thirties, with Dena’s vocals setting the stage for the emotive piano line. Together, the story that Dena’s voice and the instrument tells is something special. The track will resound loudly in the minds and hearts of listeners long after You’ve Changed has ceased to play.

Taylor has set a 2016 release date for You’ve Changed; the album will be available from Taylor’s website, CDBaby and iTunes. For more information about Dena, her discography, and samples of her music check out her domain and social networking websites.

Top Tracks: Ain’t Got Nothing But The Blues, And I Don’t Care Who Knows

Rating: 8.6/10

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