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Hoperation Overload is an absolutely intense double/imperial IPA that is a year-round release by Illinois’ Destihl Brewery. Hoperation OverloadThis effort pours with a brown, tinged by yellow coloration and a small amount of off-white head that quickly dissipates. An ample amount of lacing will make its way down a glass, a testament to the constancy of the effort. There is an oily, somewhat bitter nose to this India Pale Ale; an initial sip of the stuff has strong floral and fruit components, along with a sharp snap that remains until the next pull from the can. The boldness of the flavors in Hoperation Overload makes the high ABV (9.6%) disappear completely from the brew, even as facets of the double IPA come into focus and fade into the periphery. A good malt presence here does wonders for the balance of the beer, adding grain, wheat, and a little bit of toast to the array of notes that are experienced here. Pine and lemon reach a fever pitch on the second half of Hoperation Overload, something that is kept at bay due to the decent amount of carbonation present here. The floral side of the hops fade out into the periphery as one continues along, as imbibers are presented with a two-part harmony of roasted malt and a citrus zing.

We have reviewed a number of Destihl efforts in the past, including their DubbelVertex IPA, and Abbey’s Single, as well as three efforts from their Wild Sour Series, the Here Gose Nothin’, Lynnbrook, and  Counter Clockweisse in NeuFutur. Check out the brewery’s website for more information about their year-round and seasonal offerings, while a jaunt over toe Destihl’s social media profiles will provide one with all of the knowledge that they could conceivably desire about new product offerings.

Rating: 9.0/10

Hoperation Overload / Double IPA / 9.6% ABV / /

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