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Newcomers Product of Hate, with their debut release “Buried in Violence”, are the heavy and technically ferocious kick in the teeth the thrash metal world has been longing for. “When you see the album art, right away you know what to expect: dark, brutal, and unforgiving,” says vocalist Adam Gilley, who along with Cody Rathbone on guitar, Gene Rathbone playing lead guitar, Mark Campbell on bass and Mike McGuire behind the drum kit will make one hell of a mark with this release and establish themselves a foothold in the metal community.   Product of Hate "Buried in Violence"

The disc starts off with growling brutality on ‘Kill. You. Now.’, fast, and blackened with that thrash defining double bass drum. Both tracks ‘Monster’ and ‘Unholy Manipulator’ once the vocals kick in have that heavier than early Pantera raw sound that will have you fist-pumping in the air as you bang your head. ‘Blood Coated Concrete’ with mammoth death growls is neck-breaking thrash that will have you will drive a little faster for sure if you listen to this while in your car. ‘Perry Mason’ was really groovy and technical and has a more mellow sound compared to the rest of the disc – I liked it, it showed their range as not just an all-out in your face thrash band.

With this being their debut release I was not familiar with the band even though they have been around for several years. I thought it was an excellent CD, my metal ear could certainly pick up on some of their musical influences across tech, core and thrash sounds in the songs, yet they have their own ferocious sound which this release has them on a mission to take their place in the metal family for years to come. I certainly look forward to their future releases, upcoming tours, as well as going back and checking out their previously released EP “The Unholy Manipulator” from 2010. This is another CD I recommend to let the neighbors hear when you play it. \m/

Top Tracks: Monster, Blood Coated Concrete, Perry Mason

Rating: 8/10

Product of Hate “Buried in Violence” / 2016 Napalm Records/ 11 Tracks / Website / Facebook / Twitter

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