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Creeper is a high-energy track that has each of the constituent elements of Bad Mary creating a charismatic and musically dense effort that will stick with fans long after the track has ceased to play. Marz Attaqx is an effort that builds off of the work of late-1990s Lookout acts while having a crispness to the composition speaks to the current state of rock music. Multi-part harmonies are used to great effect here, with hints of Pennywise, The Offspring, and Save Ferris all able to be discerned. The frenetic energy that is weaved through the whole of this EP means that listeners will be on the edges of their seats from beginning to end.Bad Mary We Could Have Saved The World

Trouble changes up the output considerably; with a chunkier, more rock-focused approach taken here listeners will be able to hear every meaty bass line and splashy drum hit. The supersonic vocals that are interspersed through this track are the final trapping for this

Meanwhile is a snotty-punk track that recalls the halcyon days of the Sex Pistols while having a rough and raw sound that keeps the tempo high as Bad Mary moves into the EP’s final track. The We Could Have Saved The World EP concludes When You Think Of Me, a back and forth rock effort which would fly well at Max’s Kansas City while sounding great in 2016. Few acts are able to come forth and showcase such a wide set of their styles, influences, and come forth with a result that is musically dense, intricate, and sounds great with each subsequent effort. For more information about Bad Mary, check out their website and social media profiles.

Top Tracks: When You Think Of Me, Creeper

Rating: 8.6/10

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