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Leave the Light On is a slow and deliberate track, providing listeners with a sound that will stick with them long after this introductory effort has ceased to spin. The track represents the perfect slow dance effort, building up into a place where the sheer range of Kohr’s vocal abilities can be discerned. This backing instrumentation creates something special, providing the right amount of pizzazz for this song.Jillian Kohr Free EP Review

Free is an intimate track that shines due to the highs and lows off Kohr’s vocals. The smart instrumentation that is experienced here make for a fulfilling effort. Hints of The Cranberries and Steve Nicks can be heard here, pushed to a higher plateau through an on-point arrangement.

Liar Liar links together the singer-songwriter, desert rock, and country styles into a unified front, creating something wholly unique that works well in the middle registers of the release. The guitar work during Liar Liar acts as the perfect counterpoint for Kohr’s vocal work, while the drums establish a darker and more brooding side to an already-complex track.

Wrapped builds off of the framework of performers like Kelly Clarkson and Jessica Simpson, showcasing a very positive and strong side to the tenderness heard during the first half of the Free EP. The band rises to the occasion yet again, creating something fun and with enough in the way of chops to stand up to repeat listens.

Mockingbird is the final composition on the Free EP, giving listeners a slower and more psychedelic-infused effort. This contemplative and deep effort will take a number of spins before listeners can hear everything that Kohr has placed here. The Free EP is a tremendous look into a one of a kind performer.

Top Tracks: Leave the Light On, Liar Liar

Rating: 8.2/10

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