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Smistletoe, Smuttynose’s take on a biere de garde, pours with a vibrant pink coloration. Smuttynose is celebrating winter with a delectable beer that possesses a number of sweet, tart and refreshing aspects. Smistletoe is the perfect sort of festive beer in that no two sips will be exactly alike. There is a light body to this that ferries a wide set of tastes whether by cherries, white grapes and even strawberries.Smistletoe (Smuttynose)

A fair amount of malt is offered to imbue Smistletoe with further depth while the beers effervescence makes for something that will be drained immediately. The alcohol content of the beer is hidden to such a degree that a bottle of Smistletoe will be polished off in the space of about a half hour. As the effort is allowed to warm, different notes become dominant. There is a sweeter body to Smistletoe while hints of grain and wheat can be picked out at this later point. Pepperiness and a dry taste peppers later sips, while the slight amount of hops that were present at the onset of the beer withdraw to allow for dark fruit and cherry elements to increase in prominence. This continually shifting and changing flavor profile is what individuals need to have their experience end as strongly as it began.

Smistletoe is available on a yearly basis and represents one of our favorite Smuttynose offerings. For more information about myriad Smuttynose offerings including their bitterness, pairings and other information visit their main domain. New product announcements are available on their social media profiles. Check out our coverage of Smoked Peach Short Weisse ,  Imperial StoutHayseedRhye IPAParadoXReally Old Dog,DurtyKindest FindOktoberfest,  Bouncy House and Cherry Short Weisse.

Rating 9.6/10

Smistletoe (Smuttynose)  / 8.5% ABV / 13 IBU / /  / /

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