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A motivational speaker can add something to all sorts of events, whether it’s a graduation ball, a sporting awards evening or some kind of corporate event – but the place that they really come into their own is at events targeted towards employees or colleagues in your business.


By sharing their own stories of success and the struggles that they have faced in achieving their goals, motivational speakers can encourage workers. Not only can this result in a workforce which is more positive and motivated to achieve their own goals, but it can also help to boost productivity and potentially even help make your company money.


A top talent agency will have plenty of celebrity speakers on the books from all walks of life and who will appeal to all sorts of different audiences. Just what are the qualities then, which make a truly great public speaker?




To truly inspire an audience it’s crucial that the motivational speaker you choose for your event is someone who is relatable. Sports stars are often good examples because of the truly meritocratic way in which the sporting world works.


Few people succeed because of their background, their parents or their economic status – it’s about who can run the fastest, jump the highest or throw the furthest, and that means that many sports stars are normal people who’ve done exceptional things and are very relatable for it.


Audience members find it easier to relate to motivational speakers they can see qualities in common with – relatable motivational speakers motivate more effectively!




It’s also key that any motivational speaker you book has a good story – a rocky road to the top whether because of a tough childhood, being beset by injuries or having a dramatic comeback after an initial flush of stardom is always good – as long as there’s a happy ending!


It’s not just a good story, however, that a motivational speaker needs; they also need the charisma and wit to tell their story well. An engaging speaker will make all the difference, and if they can get the audience eating out of their hand with light hearted anecdotes, their message will come across all the more strongly.




If you want your speaker to resonate with your audience for long after the event is over, you’ve got to make sure that they are memorable. The bigger the name that you choose, the more they’ll stick in your guests’ minds – and the take-away from the motivational speech should do too!


It’s always easier to remember something you have engaged with than it is a talk or lecture; why not build in a Q&A session to your event to help audience members cement your speaker firmly in their minds?


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