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Alejandra O'Leary

Doubtless is a complex piece of indie-rock that sparkles through the presence of Alejandra’s vocals. This introductory track has some serious instrumental chops, with a guitar/drum dynamic gradually becoming more chaotic until the effort concludes. 

All I Know is hooky as all get out, but the bass and guitar combine here to add considerable depth to the emotions expressed here. The guitar licks that take over from Alejandra’s vocals are masterful in continuing the narrative.

Trace / Color / Light is a more temper and touching effort. The vocal and instrumental sides combine to make something special; the lighter and darker pieces of the single will have listeners utterly engrossed until the last notes. Hints of The Flaming Lips and OK Computer-Radiohead can be heard in the echoing guitars, while their is a raw brilliance that builds off of the unmatched indie rock of mid-00s Deep Elm acts.

I’m Amused is another interesting effort on All I Know, as the track’s haunting vocals and heartbeat-like instrumentation gives fans two distinct ways to enjoy the effort. Blow Off Queen’s production allows the vocals and guitars / bass close quarter; one can easily imagine the band playing in a cozy coffee shop. There is not the mechanical separation between band elements that presents itself with poor production; each element on All I Know is able to shine on its own and as part of a greater whole.

I Only Came Here for Your Body is a fun refreshing of the mid to late nineties alternative scene. Bits of Bif Naked and Liz Phair are able to contribute to the whimsical sound of this effort, something that manifests itself again in the album’s later registers (e.g. After Hours).

Top Tracks: I Only Came Here for Your Body, Trace / Color / Light

Alejandra O’Leary and the Champions of the West – All I Know / 2016 / 21 Tracks / /

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