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European Electronic Cinema by Alien Skin

June Is the Coldest Time is a haunting, expansive track that immediately requires listeners to focus on each movement that Alien Skin includes. This bold gambit provides listeners with some semblance of where Alien Skin is going to go on his latest release. The sound of this first single is reminiscent of Spandau Ballet and The Smiths. Hints of electronic fuzz bring a bit more ambient and techno into the mix. 

I Love Art Deco is one of our favorite tracks on European Electronic Cinema. The deliberate instrumentation on this cut provides a solid counterpoint for the more fancy-free vocals. An extended instrumental section to I Love Art Deco takes fans on an all-too-brief journey before the refreshed vocals begin again.

All Tomorrow’s Cares succeeds due to the smart production, which provides a layer of polish to the slower tempo and more laid-back synth and percussion found here. There is a glimmer of humanity that bubbles forth here that is obliterated on a great many albums.

I Still Think of You feels like the opening of a 1980s noir or love story. The instrumental/vocals dynamic allows two separate entities to mesh together at all the right points, making a single that is greater than the sum of the song’s constituent parts.

The Emporer’s Tram Girl has Alien Skin insert a bouncy, infectious beat into the track, giving the final section of European Electronic Cinema a considerable boost. My Polaroid Friend (Thin White Duke) is the last gasp of the album, but showcases an artist that can do more in a space less than three minutes than many performers could hope to do in thrice that. There are considerable shifts in the overall sound in this last composition, providing fans with an idea of where Alien Skin may take fans on subsequent releases.

Top Tracks: I Love Art Deco, June Is the Coldest Time

Rating: 8.0/10

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