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mOmma Spill-Proof Cup | Lansinoh

We had just gotten to the point where our child has moved away to some degree from their bottle and has the coordination that is required to begin using a sippy cup. The amount of horror stories that exist regarding the ability of sippy cups to take up gross and outright dangerous things like mold and mildew is considerable. We had been using products from the dollar store due to the simplicity of the design which did not allow juice to collect for any length of time.

While these products were perfectly serviceable, they had a tendency to leak and would very easily be opened at a later stage of development by our child. We were sent a care package from Lansinoh including their Smartpump Double Electric Breast Pump and the mOmma Spill-Proof Cup. We immediately put the sippy cup to use and were quite pleased at quality of the design. The product has 3 different pieces that all can be broken down; there is a fastener ring that attaches the mouthpiece to the bottle, the bottle itself and a silicone mouthpiece that allows for considerable amount of biting and sucking without showing any wear.

The cup is small enough that it will allow children beginning about 9 months to pick up even if parents do have to fill it less than to capacity. The hard plastic that is used for the cup’s body will take as many drops and dings as a child can provide. The cleaning process is quite easy and the cup itself can be put into the dishwasher. There are two handles that are flexible allowing for children to pick up the sippy cup and guide it to their mouth. The price point of the sippy cup is around $11 and when one considers that it is going to last for the better part of a year if not for longer, this becomes a very approachable price. For additional information about the entirety of products that the Lansinoh company offers, visit their webpage.

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