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Death Valley Shootout: Remus Revenge is a 14% ABV bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout which also includes bits of maple syrup and brown sugar. With our pour, we noticed an inky black coloration that was topped with an infinitesimally small head. The alcohol burn is hidden perfectly in Death Valley Shootout; an imbiber will get a hint of the bourbon sharpness from the time that the beer spent in the barrels. This stout is better suited to slowly sip and enjoy, experiencing the nuanced flavors that exist within. The effort holds up very well as the beer reaches room temperature yielding a bit of malt as well as a smaller amount of hop bitterness that is threaded throughout the bottle. Flavors including vanilla, tobacco, leather, and caramel can be discerned at points, while dark fruit elements peek through once or twice before one finishes. Perfectly balanced, the bourbon barrel-aged Death Valley Shootout was limited in production and Fifty West reported a sellout within about two and a half hours after sales opened.

When it comes to high-octane imperial stouts, I would put Death Valley Shootout at a comparable level 2 Hoppin’ Frog’s TORIS and a hair above Avery’s Callipygian. Death Valley Shootout is something that we hope will be released by Fifty West on a regular basis. Perhaps the brewery can go and include different adjuncts for regular releases (cinnamon, ghost pepper) or age future batches in different barrels with each subsequent release. Death Valley Shootout will knock you on your duff while finessing you all the way to the floor. For additional information about Fifty West and the year-round and seasonal offerings that the brewery creates, give their main domain a visit. Time-sensitive information (releases, events) is uploaded to Fifty West’s social media profiles.

Rating: 9.8/10

Death Valley Shootout (Fifty West Brewing) / 14% ABV / / /

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