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Patrick Ames - Standard Candles

You Can’t Hurt Me Anymore is a slinky sort of track that ties together rock, jazz, and pop into an unique sound. The deliberate sound of the instrumentation on this first track on Standard Candles ensures that listeners will be on the edges of their seats; where will Ames ultimately go in the follow-up to this introductory salvo?

Want To Believe builds off of the work of Dire Straits, Tom Petty and The Eagles; the inclusion of a second (female) set of vocals provide additional depth to an already engrossing effort. The slower tempo that Ames begins his I Like Your Feet allows listeners ample opportunity to break down the instrumentation. When Patrick’s vocals kick in, the track takes a very refined 1960s sound. The haunting arrangements that listeners will experience here will stay with fans long after the track ceases to play.

A Love You Can Store shines due to a step-ladder progression and an insistent set of vocals laid down by Patrick. A very organic sound is de rigueur for this effort as Ames’ vox adopt a hint of early Dylan and The Velvet Underground. The instrumental/vocal dynamic here is delicious. Where there are a lot of things that are happening at any one point during A Love You Can Store, Ames is able to skillfully arrange these elements into a fulfilling and special sort of effort.

Standard Candles concludes with What Comes Out Of Your Mouth, an effort that ties together nicely the different twists and turns that Ames has included while providing a hint to listeners where Ames will go in the follow-up to this EP. The track acts as an emphatic exclamation mark, concluding a bold statement from this performer.

Top Tracks: You Can’t Hurt Me Anymore, A Love You Can Store

Rating: 8.2/10

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