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There’s a chill in the air and we are waking up every morning with the hope of seeing snow. In short, the holiday season is here and it is time for people to go bonkers over holiday shopping. From Victoria’s Secret to Cosco, people are rushing in to make their final purchases of the season.

With the increased rush the store managers find it really difficult to maintain the same standards of customer service expected from them throughout the rest of the year. Most stores hire new employees just for the festive season and spend days regretting their decision. New employees need to be freshly trained in customer servicing and product descriptions. In such situations, the only thing that can bring about a well-deserved night’s sleep for the store managers is a good dynamic signage.

Technology for better training

Dynamic signage can help with the training process of the employees. The strategic placement of a digital sign in the rec room or the break room can help refresh the recent trainings and product details. This will help the new employees to interact with customers in a much confident manner. The screens can also be used to display their previous interactions as parts of do’s and don’ts to give them a working idea of the ways of interacting with clients and customers.

The propellant of a new era

Coupling the digital signage in a store with sensors is a wonderful way to enhance customer experience. These displays can be placed at checkouts or near the order placement counters. This is very similar to the most recent steps taken by McDonald’s to make the in-store order placement process completely digital. This makes the entire purchase process error-free and fast. In addition to these, digital signages can be used as warning systems that can urge employees to open new counters or pay a quick visit to a particular isle during peak hours.

What’s the true power of dynamic signage?

Dynamic signage is a powerful tool for video marketing and sales. Imagine being a part of an immersive experience that transports you to an Asian restaurant from the subway platform. You take one small turn and you are faced with a warmly lit table lined with white silk and a steaming bowl of wantons just waiting for you. The stark contrast of this image/video from the rest of the (real) environment makes sure that you pay attention to the details of the content.

Why are the marketing folks going gaga on dynamic signage?

Dynamic signage is being preferred as a medium of advertising and a sales support system because it is easy to customize. The content can be managed remotely. However, in most cases Wi-Fi or internet connections are not required since the information to be displayed on the screen is hosted locally. Anyone can change the templates, the hosted information and the sequence of the video/images from home, without going through the pains of hiring a technical expert or graphic designer.

Author bio: Jonathan Newman takes a keen interest in the effects of new-age technology on advertising and marketing. He is an advocate of digital signage as one of the most powerful tools in both retail marketing and advertising.

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