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Coral Creek - "Coral Creek"

Coral Creek released their self-titled album, which begins with Way Back. Way Back is a folk-styled piece of rock that brings hints of blues, Neil Young, and country to make something wholly unique. Coral Creek is a tremendous band; the dynamic crafted here by the band nearly overwhelms the two vocals; Way Back is a track that could easily garner radio rotation.

Get Ready To Fly keeps the lively sound of Way Back while crafting a dense and detailed backing instrumentation that feels influenced by the Dave Matthews Band, Drive-By Truckers and Umphrey’s McGee. Rather than settling into a specific era for their sound, Coral Creek is able to pick and choose the strongest facets of music from the last fifty years to make familiar yet unique music.

Cryin Bout My Baby is a fascinating late-disc inclusion; the extended instrumental section that marries together the track’s two vocal movements is truly world-class in quality. The bit of doo-wop and 1950s/1960s pop is a fun inclusion here, further hammering home the sheer spread of influences that come into play. Cage Without A Key provides fans with further information about this depth.  Ballad of Catherine Lee is a tremendously fun track, with Coral Creek crafting a song that builds upon the sea shanty. Hints of Great Big Sea and Billy Joel can be discerned here; the vocals are world-class during this single.

Comes A Time is the yin to the Ballad of Catherine Lee’s yang; the band steps up to lay down some tremendous music during the album’s final statement. Ending emphatically, Coral Creek is able to make a taut and compelling album with their eponymous release. Check it out.

Top Tracks: Cryin Bout My Baby, Cage Without A Key, Ballad of Catherine Lee

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