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Kevin Spacey has starred in some of film’s greatest productions and gained wide critical acclaim.


A Juilliard graduate who earned his stripes performing Shakespeare and Chekov, he is equally equipped with unflappable cool, wit, and classic Spacey charm.


A Tony, BAFTA, Golden Globe, and two-time Academy Award winner, Spacey has produced spellbinding performances in every medium.


However, here we look at his five best movie roles that the celebrated actor has excelled in…


American Beauty (1999)


Starring as a frustrated suburban father in the midst of a mid-life crisis after becoming infatuated with his daughter’s best friend, Stacey’s performance is timeless and saw the him rewarded with an Oscar for Best Actor in a Leading Role.


Playing Lester Burnham, Sam Mendes superbly tells his story. Interplay with both Spacey and Annette Benning is gripping and makes for compelling viewing, exploring Burnham’s depression and frustration.


21 (2008)


It might not be the greatest film Spacey has appeared in, but his performance remains solid and carries this flick.


Based on a true story, Spacey plays an unorthodox professor Mickey Rosa that, along with MIT students, use their maths skills to win big in Las Vegas on blackjack.


Authoritative and as cool as ever, Spacey shines in a mediocre production.


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Se7en (1995)


Spacey brilliantly portrays serial killer ‘John Doe’ in this Oscar nominated film.


The final act in Se7en is executed perfectly thanks to Spacey’s genuinely chilling performance, bouncing off Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman with ease.


Balancing brute menace with unnerving, clinical calm – it makes the character’s horrific deeds even more horrifying.


Usual Suspects (1995)


A performance powerfully packed with subtlety, Spacey received the Oscar for Best Actor in a Supporting Role for his portrayal of Verbal Kint.


A charismatic storyteller with evil simmering underneath, his words hypnotise both the police and the captive audience.


Some say Kint is such a well-rounded character that it would have been a gift to any actor. In truth, only Spacey could have pulled it off like he did.


Glengarry Glen Ross (1992)


Pulitzer Prize-winning play Glengarry Glen Ross was Spacey’s announcement to the world that he was at the peak of acting.


A tough middle manager at a cramped, tense estate agency, Spacey perfectly displays the pressures and dog eat dog nature of sales.


John Williamson relentlessly pushes the staff below him and promises little more than misery and toil.


Spacey makes this character so undeniably unlikable, you have to admire his sheer range of acting abilities.


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