Posted on: February 3, 2017 Posted by: Allene Lewis Comments: 0
Purchasing a Hybrid Bike

Biking is a great way to burn fat and build muscle tone. I’m an exercise physiologist and many of the clients I’ve seen struggle to do cardio exercises because they don’t have the endurance to run. That’s when I recommend biking. Bikes provide cardiovascular benefits at every level of fitness and at any age. They are also are less bulky and much more inexpensive than other workout equipment like weight benches or an elliptical.
Recently, I had to buy new bike and it was a really hard decision for me because I had several factors I needed to consider. The first thing was I live in the city but it has a lot of hills, so a standard 10 speed bike would cause a struggle when climbing high grades. The next thing I had to debate was the fact that even though mountain bikes are great for climbing hills but they also are clunky and can be heavy, particularly when traveling with the bike.
That’s when I began to research, how can I get the ability to climb steep grades yet still get the speed and portability of traditional bikes. So after extensive research, I found that there is a type of bike called a hybrid bike. These bikes provide the best of both worlds, they are light and portable yet provide ability to climb any summit.
When it came time to actually buy the bike I wanted to find a comparison of the top hybrid bike available. That’s when I found Aurumaina, they had a complete list that compared hybrid bikes . With this information I was able to decide that the best hybrid bike for me and my lifestyle was the Schwinn Discover. The bike it’s self has 21 speed grip shifting and even has rack in the back that I can use to carry items with me. Over all, I’m very happy.

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