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Are you sick of buying microwave meals for one? Do those ‘plus ones’ on wedding invites make your heart sink? Finding that special someone isn’t always easy, and there could be a whole range of things holding you back. Here are three common problems you might need to overcome if you want to get your love life on track.

  1. Difficulties between the sheets

If you experience difficulties between the sheets, you might have got into the habit of trying to avoid physical relationships. This is totally understandable. After all, ignoring the problem can seem easier than trying to tackle it. However, it’s important to be aware that sexual problems are much more widespread than many people realise and they can be relatively straightforward to treat. One of the most common issues among men is erectile dysfunction and it’s thought that as many as half of all guys aged between 40 and 70 will have ED to some degree, with many younger men also experiencing it. Whether you’re suffering from ED, you have a low sex drive or there’s another issue stopping you from having fun between the sheets, now’s the time to take action.

The first step is to understand the cause of your problem. Once you know this, you can look for appropriate treatments. These can range from counselling, to treatments for underlying physical conditions, to targeted medicines. In the case of ED, the best known targeted treatment is Viagra and you can find out more about this medicine by speaking to your doctor or visiting health websites such as

  1. Too much stress

Everyone has some level of stress in their lives, but too much pressure over a prolonged period of time can really take its toll on your mental and even your physical health. One of the little-talked about side effects of excessive stress is the negative impact it can have on your love life. You might find you’re too anxious or tired to even think about dating. Too much stress can also cause your sex drive to virtually disappear.

If you think you’re overly stressed, there might be a number of things you can do to address the problem. For example, making changes to your working habits or lifestyle might help you bring your anxiety levels back down. You might also want to think about using relaxation techniques like meditation or yoga.

  1. A lack of confidence

A shortage of confidence is a real killer when it comes to romance. Are you too shy to approach potential partners and speak to them? Do you feel like you’ve got nothing to offer in a relationship? Are you self-conscious about the way you look? It can be extremely difficult to overcome these issues, but there may be steps you can take to increase your confidence. For example, perhaps an image overhaul would work wonders for your self-esteem. From changing your hairstyle to revamping your wardrobe, it’s relatively simple to switch up the way you look. If you’re not happy with your body, perhaps a fitness kick’s what you need. It might take a while before you start to see results, but it’s well worth giving this a go.

You can’t magic a happy relationship out of thin air, but addressing problems like these can go a long way to helping you find romance.

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