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Gianluca Corrao - Simona E Milano

Simona E Milano is one of those powerful tracks that will speak to listeners no matter which languages in which they are familiar. Corrao’s vocals during this single are powerful, touching,m and emotive. The guitar that is threaded through Simona E Milano are the backbone for the track, but the overarching sound of the track is created when the drums are added into the mix. The track does a tremendous job in crossing over between adult contemporary, modern rock, and alternative genres. It is a rare example of a song that would work so well on pop rotation that has an intricate instrumental arrangement. Listeners will be able to play Simona E Milano a number of times and continue to find new twists and turns that are hidden deep within the effort. 

While Gianluca Corrao concludes Simona E Milano a hair over the three minute mark, the hugeness of this sound will resound deep in the minds and hearts of listeners long after the track ceases. We particularly like the bit of sequencing that plays alongside the sizzling guitars and Corrao’s vocals during the middle moments of Simona E Milano. Make sure to check out the video (below) and visit Corrao’s website for additional information about the performers, samples of his music, and the album to purchase your own copy of Simona E Milano.

We will be playing Simona E Milano throughout the spring and into the summer at NeuFutur headquarters. We’re excited to see how precisely Corrao is able to follow up this hit. With Eurovision only a few weeks away, we have to wonder whether we’ll see Corrao’s music represent Italy in the near future. Let us know what you think about this latest Corrao work, Simona E Milano, in the comments below.

Rating: 9.0/10

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