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It is time to bury the ‘Bad British Teeth’ myth and put on that wide smile on your face. Sweet, bitter, spicy, tangy; we bet you’ve tried all flavours and brands of toothpaste for that perfect set of white teeth. Some of them provide us a shiny look with a refreshing aroma, but the look and feel fades away within hours. No one denies that brushing your teeth every day is a healthy etiquette. However, it might just not be sufficient for you. Dental experts have done remarkable research in this field and have come up with some very simple and affordable skin whitening homemade procedures. Here we have listed down some of the most effective and easy to perform skin whitening techniques:

  1. Banana peel.

We bet you didn’t know this! As surprising as it sounds, using the inner portion of a banana peel is an amazing way to kick away that yellow look. The procedure is simple; take a long piece of the inner (white) portion of a banana peel and rub it gently around your teeth for 2-4 minutes and let the juice stay on the teeth for around 15 minutes.. The peel is rich with minerals like manganese, potassium and magnesium, which are absorbed by the teeth giving it a white look. Make sure you brush your teeth with your regular toothpaste after the above procedure.

  1. Orange peel.

Orange is another easily available fruit which is very effective in teeth whitening. The inner portion of the orange peel contains d-limonese, a mineral which helps in removing dirt and stain from your teeth. The procedure for application is similar to that of a banana peel. Continuous application for a few weeks will start giving you the desirable results. Once again, make sure you brush your teeth to remove pieces of the pulp from around your teeth.

Tooth care doesn’t get any tastier than this. Grind 2 – 3 red and ripe strawberries into a paste and apply it gently over the teeth. Strawberries contain vitamin C and dicarboxylic acid (malic acid) which helps in removing plaque and tooth stains. You can even mix the strawberry paste with little amount of baking soda and apply it around your teeth. Let it stay for several minutes before rinsing your mouth and ending it with your regular toothpaste brushing. Repeat twice daily.

  1. Choice of oral products.

A very important aspect in tooth care is making the right choice while buying oral products. Bad quality toothpaste will not only fail in giving you the required results, it will also harm your teeth and gum health in the long run. Leading to expensive dental procedures. is a leading health and beauty product supplier, and has a discrete section for affordable and healthy oral products. Using the right quality of toothpaste, mouthwash and toothbrush will give your teeth a perfect all round protection against germs and stains.


  1. Table salt.

Table salt is a vital cleaning agent for teeth. It also helps in restoring the lost whitening of your teeth. You can mix salt with baking soda and apply it using a toothbrush. Make sure you do not perform this method when you can cuts on your gum. Also, very high salt content can cause damage to your enamel so make sure you keep the salt content to a moderate level.

  1. Activated charcoal.

You must have heard about this from your grandparents. It was the toothpaste for many of our ancestors until the conventional toothpastes became common and took over the market. Activated charcoal is different from the normal BBQ charcoal and can be easily found at your local drug store. Place good amount of activated charcoal in a cup and with the help of a wet toothbrush apply it on your teeth in a gentle, circular manner. Keep the mixture on for 2 – 3 minutes. Your mouth will turn completely black, but that should not be a sign of worry. Spit the mixture out and rinse your mouth with water until the entire residue is removed. Use a different toothbrush while using any ingredient other than your toothpaste in all of the above procedures.

  1. Diet tips and preventive measures.

In addition to the above mentioned techniques, it is also important to reduce the intake of certain food and drinks. Coffee, tea, soft drinks and berries are common examples of drinks and fruits that cause staining of teeth. It is advisable to brush your teeth after consuming these products to reduce their damaging effect on the enamel.

Oral health care is as important as any other health care for a lively body. According to a report, it is estimated that the British dental industry is worth £1bn annually! Most of the dental issues arise due to our own carelessness. The above mentioned techniques will keep your gums and tooth safe from common harms like cavities, tooth aches and tooth decolouration. Giving you another reason to show off that sparkly smile.


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