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Fairy Tales Shampoo a must for toddlers

We have gotten to the point with our daughter that she needs a bath everyday. Gone are the days where she may not get into everything. As a toddler, she roams around the house and finds dirt and grime that we had forgotten about. It becomes important to find cleaning supplies that will allow for our child to be clean without causing anything in the way of tears or heartache. Fairy Tales is a shampoo and conditioner that really gets into a child’s hair, especially important on those days where stickiness and overall grossness are the norm rather than the exception. 

Fairy Tales shampoo is bubbly enough to cover a child’s head with only a small amount of product used. We also had fun using Fairy Tales as a bubble bath, as children will not be tearing up or crying while providing enough in the way of bubbles. The conditioner is great for those days where you just want to make sure your child is looking their spiffiest. Finally, the Static-Free Detangling Spray is a product that makes the whole process of hair brushing an easy one, especially for those children that have fine or curly hair. A few sprays immediately after a child’s bath, and the resulting hair is easy to brush through and style in any fashion that the parent or care provider seems fit to use.

Where a number of children’s products in the health and beauty aisle come up to a price point much higher than products marketed for adults , Fairy Tales is very approachable. One should expect to pay around $6 for a bottle of either the conditioner or shampoo. Whatever you are looking to find a new and efficient sort of healthcare product for your children, take a look into Fairy Tales shampoo.

Rating 8.5 / 10

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