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We all know that fitness is important. Exercising regularly has lots of benefits. It gives us more energy and stamina, it can improve our mood, and it can help us to lose weight and tone up too. Not to mention regular exercises couples with a great diet keeps us feeling and looking younger for longer. Oh, and if that wasn’t enough, there’s even evidence to suggest that a healthy lifestyle can prevent cardiovascular disease. So we know that we should be exercising, but getting started can be tough. Those with a young family struggle to find the time and motivation to work out. Plus, some of us don’t know where to begin! Here’s how to find your feet in the world of fitness. From the motivation tips to the sports apparel you’ll need, this guide has got you covered…


A Meaningful Motivation


This is a really important step on any fitness journey, skip it at your own detriment! The problem with fitness for some people is that their motivation isn’t right. If you say the word exercise to someone today they’ll immediately think ‘losing weight.’ It’s true, exercise does help you to lose weight, but this shouldn’t be your sole motivation. Firstly, exercise is about so much more than that. Secondly, we all have days when we’re not seeing the results we want, and this is when our motivation wavers and falters. Giving ourselves such a visually motivation is not a good idea. Instead, work towards a different goal. It could be a 5K run for a charity that’s close to your heart.Or it could simply be to run up the stairs in your home without getting out of breath. Make your goal something which isn’t about how your body looks. In the process of achieving your goal, you’ll lose weight anyway. But, what it stops you doing, is scrutinizing your weight, criticizing yourself, and seeing exercise as a chore.


Tools For The Task


The next step to setting yourself up to start exercising is investing in the right tools. This may sound odd, but think about it, any activity requires the right equipment. Exercise is no different. Relying on an old pair of tracksuit bottoms you hate and a painting t-shirt isn’t going to cut it. Instead, invest in your success. The money you spend on getting the right equipment will make you more motivated and inspired to use it.


Start with the gym clothes you’ll need. Whether you’re planning on doing bike rides, runs, walks, or gym sessions, you’ll need the appropriate sportswear. Spend some time researching which makes are best. The more money you spend the more benefits there will be. High-end brands, for instance, make sure they use breathable materials which absorb sweat and let in air. Certain leggings are constructed with the body-conscious in mind, sucking you in, in all the right places. Shop around for the style that suits the type of exercise you’ll be doing and your budget. Don’t scrimp on trainers though. A good pair of trainers will see you through years. Invest in a great pair which can be used in the gym and for aerobic sports too. Nike is a good place to start, this brand has the best high-fashion and performance trainers. Check out these Nike promo codes for some money off your purchase. Next, you’ll need to make sure that you have an exercise mat or a yoga mat. This is for your home workouts. You’ll also need a water bottle for runs.


Getting Started


Once you’ve prepared yourself with the right motivation and tools for the task, it’s time to start exercising. The best advice is to start off slow and steady. In all likelihood, you’ll be raring to go. However, jumping straight into a long grueling gym session or testing run will lead to a burnout. Worse still you could easily injure yourself. Always warm up before any kind of exercise. Without doing this your muscles won’t be ready to work and will get strained. Try dynamic warm-ups rather than static ones. These will improve your range of motion and prepare you for activity.


After you’ve warmed up properly it’s time to start exercising. For a beginner don’t be scared to start small. A long walk is a good place to start. Try and jog for short intervals during your walk. Time how long you have managed to jog for and increase this next time. Eventually, you’ll be running the whole way rather than walking. Home workouts are good for beginners too. They’ll boost your confidence if you don’t feel ready to hit the gym. Lunges, ski-sits, and planks don’t need any equipment. They can also be made harder or easier easily. Increase or decrease the number of reps you do and for how long depending on your ability.


Chart Your Progress


Be sure to set goals for yourself and track your progress. This will motivate to continue. It also allows you to see how far you’ve come. Plus it’s a useful way to set new goals for yourself and constantly be striving to better your fitness regime. Unlike your weight loss, which may plateau, your fitness will continue to improve. Having tangible proof of that is a great thing.

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