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Convertible Elite Pet Gate 6-Panel in Black

The one thing that we have started to realize with our daughter is that she is increasingly mobile and annoyed by the fact that she is constrained in a small place like a pack and play whatever she is placed within. At 18 months, it became essential to go and change up how we ensure she was safe on a day-to-day basis. We were able to use the six panel Convertible Elite Pet Gate to go and give her a bit more breathing room while not allowing her to get in to everything that we own. The process by which the gate is placed up is incredibly simple using few in the way of parts; one could easily put together the product without even having the instructions.

The instructions that are provided by the company are clear and concise making it a snap for even the most novice of constructors to put together the gate. A panel requires that two bolts are placed within to mount it to other pieces while the pivoting aspect of the gate makes it a breeze to set up the device into whichever configuration that one desires. The only negative that we can see is that the gate that contains the latch mechanism can easily be manipulated and opened even by children of about 2 years of age. We were able to easily fix this issue by cinching up the gate with someone but this might be more of an issue for people with reduced mobility as they cannot just lift a child out of the gate.

The design of the device is such that it can easily be utilized for small to medium-sized dogs. If your child or animal has been getting into places that they should not, purchase this gate. Lightweight, easy to break down and able to fit in a trunk, the Convertible Elite Pet Gate should be a purchase for anyone that wants to provide additional space than what a pack and play can provide.

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