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G.H. Cretors Shakes up Popcorn

G.H. Cretors popcorn looks to go and provide purchasers with a wide set of diverse flavors, ultimately succeeding in creating some stellar new variants while doing traditional popcorn flavors perfectly. When there are traditional expressions (flavors) of popcorn, one may run into a problem discerning how each company differs in any significant fashion. The varieties of G.H. Cretors popcorn that we received for review look to provide a little pizzazz to time honored varieties including caramel corn, oil-drizzled popcorn and cheddar.

More than jazz up traditional flavors G.H. Cretors has tried their hand at something bold and new. This dill pickle flavor seems to be a bit out of left field but has that sort of salty twang that makes for an easily snackable product. The cheddar cheese variety crafted by G.H. Cretors popcorn has a bold sharpness contributed by the cheese, not the greasiness nor the fake flavor that is typically found with other cheddar popcorn. The decision to use olive oil rather than butter or margarine is smart in terms of the health aspect but the flavor itself feels a little muted.

Perhaps marrying the olive oil to a spice such as garlic or cayenne pepper would allow there to be the same depth that is present with the company’s cheddar cheese and dill pickle variants. Our favorite of the box we were sent had to be the half and half blend that the company provides giving individuals additional complexity to the caramel corn and cheddar popcorn they love. Savory, sweet, and ultimately better for you than chips and other snacks, G. H. Cretors’ popcorn will keep bellies happy and waistlines easier to control. Look for all of their varieties at your local well-stocked supermarket; check out their Facebook for information about new flavors.

Rating: 8.7/10

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