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Jazz music has been around for such a long time but most people simply do not know anything about the genre. It is almost impossible to create a top of the best jazz albums ever launched. This music creates controversies and destroys stereotypes. Jazz tracks have been used in promotional campaigns by giant companies like NetBet and the truth is it is impossible not to find some jazz tracks you will like, no matter your personal music tastes.

If you do not know anything about jazz or you want to introduce someone to the genre, you do not go for the best albums, although they can be a good choice. You go for something that is perfect as a first introduction. All the jazz albums we mention below fall in that category.

Sarah Vaughan – Live At Mr. Kelly’s – 1957

When referring to jazz vocals, this is a great album. While the band will sound a little under-rehearsed and sometimes the vocalist does not know lyrics, Sarah Vaughan is great and loose. The improvisation done is wonderful and the album offers a truly great feel. You do not even have to remember lyrics to enjoy this album.

Ray Bryant – Alone With The Blues – 1958

If you feel sorry about something or about yourself, jazz is great at letting emotions out. This solo piano album manages to capture solitude and melancholy in a way that is pure. Just sit at home, in the dark, with a glass of bourbon and put the album on. You will surely end up remembering many great memories.

Jaco Pastorius – Jaco Pastorius – 1976

Jaco Pastorius is a famous electric bassist that added so many unique elements to jazz, ranging from headbands to steel drums. This is actually an album that influenced all the other great electric bassists after him. Pastorius brought in Sam & Dave with their styles. The result was an album that had a strong effect on jazz and other genres through the seventies and eighties.

Miles Davis – A Tribute To Jack Johnson – 1971

Jazz enthusiasts will tell you that all the albums on this list can be signed by Miles Davis. He simply revolutionized everything in jazz whenever recording something on his trumpet. A Tribute To Jack Johnson is a movie soundtrack that will make you enjoy jazz in a way you never thought possible.

Wes Montgomery with Wynton Kelly Trio – Smoking At The Half Note – 1965

Jazz needs to swing. Old timers will always talk about swing when they discuss jazz music. This band is one that manages to swing like no other. Wes Montgomery has a guitar sound that is completely unique, especially when being backed by Paul Chambers, Jimmy Cobb and Wynton Kelly. The playfulness of this album is basically impossible to deny. It will draw you in and will make you fall in love with jazz music.

Love it or hate it, jazz is a huge part of music industry. You need to give it a try and your friends should give it a try. These albums are great steps towards loving the genre.

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