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One World (R)evolution - "Love is the answer"

I’m Changing is a deep and detailed track that succeeds due to a tremendous care taken in the creation of a taut instrumentation. The dynamic between bass, guitars, and drums is the perfect back drop upon which the emotive and alluring vocals can rest. The production present during Love Is the Answer ensures that each constituent element can shine alone or as contributing to a greater whole. The track has tremendous crossover appeal, touching upon pop-rock, alternative, and indie rock styles effortlessly. One World (R)evolution is able to cultivate a unique sound with this album; from the opening strains of Again until the last gasp of Rhythm of Love, there is a story told that will keep listeners on the edges of their seats. 

The lead single from Love Is the Answer provides a bit more focus to the vocal side of things, which are given double duty. Beyond telling a story with these vox, there is an additional level of depth given to this track by the harmonies that dovetail nicely with the existing instrumental dynamics. Contender is the band’s latest single, and it adopts hints of hair metal and even 1990s country to take listeners on a journey. The guitar/vocal dynamic is delicious here, pushing each other to an entirely higher plateau.

One World (R)evolution is an act that has had a few years to build upon their depth recording, and what results in Love Is the Answer is nothing less than magnificent. We love the sizzling guitar work, the splashy drums, and the ability for the act to draw such a diverse array of influences into a cohesive, coherent, and unique sound with this album. There are a number of paths that the band takes over the album’s run time, but fans will still be in the dark about where the act will take them on any follow-up releases. That is the allure of One World (R)evolution, who are able to continually innovative with a sort of confidence that is unmatched in current music. Kudos to this Austin band for making an album that showcases tremendous skill, a maturity to the vocals, and a style that effortlessly flows through the last thirty years of music all while making something current and contemporary. Make sure to pick up your own copy of Love Is the Answer from CDBaby.

Top Tracks: Love Is the Answer, Contender

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