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Cleaning your home effectively involves knowing where to start, how to clean different areas and creating an organized process that will enable you to tackle each cleaning task. From cleaning different surfaces efficiently to getting rid of clutter, a clean home is a haven of good health and tranquility.


Cleaning your kitchen after breakfast will ensure that you come back to a clean place and can look forward to cooking in a sanitary environment. You also have the option of cleaning up after evening meals in order for you to start with a clean kitchen each morning.

A good routine for maintaining a clean and organized kitchen consists of washing dishes, wiping down surfaces, wiping the stove, cleaning the microwave and clearing out your refrigerator. Vacuum, mop or sweep the floor to avoid attractive vermin like rats.

Living Rooms

The living room is a focal point of the home and keeping it clean gives your guests the assurance that the rest of your home is generally clean. Steps to maintaining an orderly living room include dusting down items such as the television, tables and cabinets, using the appropriate cleaning technique for fabric or leather seating, rearranging decor, organizing items and mopping wooden floors or tiles.

Bathrooms and Bedrooms

A clean bathroom requires daily maintenance with steps such as scrubbing the towel bowl with an effective product, cleaning the shower flooring and walls, wiping down sinks and bath tubs, wiping down windows and mopping the general floor area. Keep the bedrooms tidy by making sure that the floor is dust-free and items are organized.

Cleaning Supplies

Some of the cleaning materials and products you need for keeping your home clean are disposable gloves, disinfectant sprays, and toilet cleaning products as well as bleach, antiseptic wipes, floor cleaner and the best steam mops.

Steam Mops

Buying the right steam mop begins with research. Find out the options that are available for your needs before you start shopping. The conventional mop has been existence since time immemorial and if you need an update, one of the modern options that are worth considering is the well-known steam mop.

How they Work

Steam mops consist of water boilers that produce steam. The steam that is created internally is pumped out through the cleaning head of the appliance. The steam helps to loosen grime while the cleaning head that is made from cloth wipes the grime away.


  • Steam mops are designed to make it easier to clean floors without using harsh chemicals and hot steam is an effective way to kill harmful germs.
  • Steamers are available for dealing with dry debris, which means that you will not need another cleaning appliance for sweeping before you start steaming. You can clean and sweep at the same time or handle these tasks separately.
  • Steam settings can be adjusted accordingly for different stains and dirt. You will be able to determine the output of steam that is suitable for a particular surface or flooring and the amount of dirt that needs to be removed.
  • Longer cords will make it possible for you to clean larger areas without continually plugging and unplugging your mop.


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