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For many millennia, jewelry has been used by mankind not only to show their economic status but also to enhance their physical appearance. The design of jewelry has been continuously evolving. What started out as pieces crafted crudely from wood, stone, and other such natural elements has now evolved to fine designs fit for royalty as well as a vast range of costume jewelry for virtually every occasion and trend. While almost everyone loves jewelry, many are at a loss to make a wise choice regarding the style and shape in order to make the maximum impact on their appearance. Some useful tips:


One of the most useful things about necklaces is that with the right style you can make them work towards changing the perception of others of your height. Choose a longer necklace if you are short but don’t want to appear so; especially useful are necklaces that are V-shaped or have lariats that are Y-shaped because they can make you look taller.However, making them too long does not help matters; ideally, they should stop well before your waistline. Conversely, very tall women who don’t want all the attention on their height should choose pieces that are short and preferably rest on the collarbone like chokers. If you are slim and petite, make sure your necklace too is delicate, but those will full figures will look better with chunky jewelry that many fine jewelry manufacturers now specialize in.


Facial shapes can be enhanced with your choice of earrings. You can very effectively draw the attention away from flaws in your face’s shape. Ladies with oval shapes are really fortunate as they can carry off virtually any shape of earrings, however, those with round faces should preferably avoid hoops or round-shaped earrings but instead wear ones that are long, rectangular or square as these will help to lengthen your face. If you have a heart-shaped face, try to widen your narrow chin with earrings that are triangular or ones that have a wider bottom. Those with long faces should make it a point to avoid dangling earrings and instead opt for studs.


It is very natural for your hands to be near your face, especially when you are sitting or eating and drinking. It then becomes important for you to choose your bracelets in such a way that they not only compliment your hands but also your face. The structure of your wrist bones is an important consideration for choosing the style and volume of the bracelet. It is not a good idea to choose a chunky one if your wrists are slim and delicate, however, these can be used to good effect when you are large-boned. You can also try wearing a stack of them to detract from the size of your wrist.


The first thing to remember when choosing jewelry is that you should wear something that you love; otherwise, you’ll never be at ease. Thereafter, try and pick something that complements your appearance and your attire.

Author bio: Malini Sinha is a design consultant working for some of the most reputed fine jewelry manufacturers. Some of her recent creations can be viewed on

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