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Cosplay is a recognized youth subculture that originated from Japan. It is a word that is derived from ‘costume’ and ‘play’ and the moniker is rapidly gaining popularity in the streets. Since Cosplay is all about impressive and striking costumes, it is a perfect way to come up with Halloween costumes.

The main feature of Halloween is that people of all ages, the young and the old, enjoy dressing up as their favorite characters from movies, anime, cartoons, video games and comic books. The fashion statements that these characters depict are just out of this world and they would sincerely stand out during Halloween celebrations.

As a fashion notion, movie Cosplay has become an established style of dressing among the youth, especially because of the famous characters that the costumes depict. For the daring and go getters, ‘Crossplay’ is the style to go for this October. It is the dressing style where individuals dress in costumes that belong to characters of the opposite sex. Come October 31st, hit the streets dressed as your favorite character but of the opposite sex.

Basically, the world of Cosplay is an inspiring culture that might just take the fun of Halloween a notch higher. Though it can be a frightening idea for a first-time Cosplayer, it is a brilliant idea that will help you appreciate a new culture.

That being said, you will have to use your artistic bone and creative mind when choosing your costume. The most important trick when choosing a costume is to ensure that you go for a character that you love and designs that match your style. By so doing, you will set a bar for yourself on the energy, time and money you need to put in to find that perfect costume.


Why Cosplay for Halloween?

  • Though famous with teenagers, Cosplay is not only for the young. People of different ages can rock Cosplay costumes. All that is needed is the courage and the passion to dress up. Therefore, as long as you are a costume dressing enthusiast, Cosplay will be a brilliant idea for this year’s Halloween.


  • Uniqueness – People dressing up for Halloween is more like a live competition. People go over and beyond to ensure that their costumes are unique.


  • Cosplay is a beauty and fashion statement –Cosplayers play around with different styles of costumes. The unusual costumes make a very huge fashion impact during Halloween. Basically, any fashion lover out there would absolutely love this.


  • Cosplay makes you look unique and creative–Since Cosplay is all about people dressing up to look like their idols, your makeup must also match the character that you are trying to mimic. Therefore, when you choose Cosplay as your Halloween inspiration, you should also wear makeup that will complement your look.


The good news about Cosplay is that you can do it yourself. It will bring out the creative you and will be a great way for you to build your self-confidence. However, if you don’t want to get your hands dirty, you can simply buy a Cosplay costume online. Though a bit costly, it is a quick Halloween fix for the fashion obsessed.




Joan Riaz is a freelance writer who tackles different topics. She also loves Halloween and is glad to share her knowledge with her readers. For more information on movie Cosplay ideas, visit her site.

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