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Trae Byrnes (hailing from Chicago, Illinois) begin their new mixtape Why You So Loud with It’s Lit, a song which shatters the conception of what a rock band should sound like. There are nods to classic acts like Stone Temple Pilots and Franz Ferdinand, while the stripped-down style of rock that issues forth early calls upon an earlier tradition.

Funny Shapes In The Clouds is our favorite track on this mix tape, as it comes forth as the most honest and unique sound that Trae Byrnes cuts on the entirety of the release. There are bits of alt-rock, modern rock, and even hints of emo that are present here. A strong, contemplative guitar line represents the thread that is weaved through the song, while a chunky bass and splashy drums add further depth to the composition.

The production of Why You So Loud allows each of the band members ample opportunities to shine alone, all while contributing to the overall sound of the act. That Indie Song speeds things up and adds just enough fuzz to the track to have the cut stand out from the rest of the release, while Your Halo is a late-album track that is tremendously impressive. The complex arrangements, quick tempo, and cutting vocals make this a late-album victory for the band.

Contemplation Point is the final effort on Why You So Loud, uniting a number of stylistic decisions and sounds that had previously been explored in the earlier regions of the disc. This new take showcases a concluding cohesion to the disc as well as showcasing some twists and turns that may be built upon in the follow-up to this mixtape. For additional information about Trae Byrnes and samples from Why You So Loud, visit the band’s Facebook or Soundcloud.

Top Tracks: Funny Shapes In The Clouds, That Indie Song

Rating: 8.4/10

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