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For a two-man band, Brick + Mortar have figured out a way to make an impressively big sound. On “Dropped Again,” their latest album, Brandon Asraf plays guitar, bass and sings; Jon Tacon drums, while both handles samples. The result, though a little sterile at time, for the most part is an eclectically fun mix of Indie pop and electronic rock.

The fact that the album was even released is a feat in itself and owes its availability to a clerical error on the part of the band’s former label that resulted in the band owning its own songs (something major labels tend to oppose). Seven of these songs first appear on 2015’s “Dropped” album, but this re-release includes that addition of “Great Escape” a perfect intro to the band, and a song the finds the duo at its best creating dreamy, atmospheric pop. “Move to the Ocean” is equally great and the band tacks on a remix to this latest release, (in addition to the track “One Little Pill”).

Brick + Mortar plan to spend the rest of the year touring with a new LP is in the works for 2018.

Brick + Mortar – Dropped Again/10 tracks/Self-Released/2017 / /


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