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If you have just began looking for an assisted living community for a loved one who is aging, you might not be adequately knowledgeable about the nature of a typical assisted living community and the experience of living in one. Understandably, you might imagine that assisted living communities are the modern version of retirement homes or nursing homes.

However, what you would be failing to realize is that for more than three decades, senior living community designers and senior care professionals have been working to improve these communities and make them feel like a true home. Here are two of the most important things you ought to know about assisted living communities.

There are different levels of care in assisted living

Even though assisted living is regulated in all states, there is yet to be a nationwide consensus on the true definition of assisted living. As a result, facilities that refer to themselves as assisted living communities offer varying levels of care. Assisted living facilities use a more budget-friendly approach and offer a number of services similar to skilled nursing.

The assisted living facilities achieve this by employing personal care staff members of agencies that provide home health services. Therefore, assisted living facilities are not all created equal. Some offer care to bedridden seniors that require help with nearly all daily tasks such as eating and bathing, while others offer light services, with staff doing daily checkups.

The services provided by Sheboygan assisted living communities depend on what they are licensed to do. In a majority of states, a tiered system is used to provide a higher licensing degree to assisted living communities that have the resources and expertise to offer a higher level of care to seniors.

Every assisted living community is unique

In addition to the level of care offered, assisted living communities vary in their overall look and how it feels to be living in them. Some facilities offer a down-to-earth, homely experience whereas others offer a traditional, formal ambiance.

As you search for the best assisted living community for your aging loved one, you may come across communities situated in small intimate countryside settings or in sprawling suburban complexes. No standard size exists. Still, most well-established assisted living communities typically have the capacity of take care of at least 20 seniors.

Every facility has a unique overall personality. Two facilities might have identical resources and offer the same services but may not feel the same. This is important because it shows that the fact that your aging loved did not feel comfortable or at home in one facility doesn’t mean that they will feel the same in a seemingly identical facility.


When you go out in search of an assisted living facility for your loved one, it is imperative that you ensure that the level of care offered matches their needs and that it is a place where they can feel at home. The most effective way of ensuring that you choose an assisted living community that meets this standard is to carry out careful research.


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