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Many (most?) bands are quick to point out just how hard their music is to classify, but to be honest you can usually ascribe a tag to just about any group just a few songs in, regardless of how long they have managed to convince themselves they are genre agnostic. The Michigan trio, The Accidentals, may just be one of the few exceptions, though.

On Odyssey, their debut for Sony Masterworks, the band mixes indie rock, chamber pop, folk and alt rock, making for an impressive first impression. Sav Buist and Katie Larson are multi-instrumentalists, playing guitar, upright bass, cello, mandolin, Violin and viola throughout the record, while Michael Dause backs it all up on drums. There’s also a stellar jam on “KW,” which feature Keller Williams on guitar. Khaki King also guests on charming instrumental “Ballad Tendered Gun.”

The album does drag a bit in the middle, but not enough to take away from the record as a whole, which boasts some truly great songs. Musically The, Accidentals have a depth of influences that span from jazz and alt rock to bluegrass and classical and it shows all over this record. For once, a band can be believed when they say their music is hard to define.

The Accidentals – Odyssey/13 tracks/Sony Masterworks/2017 /

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