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“Quit smoking” is an extremely common resolution for people to make each new year. It’s also just a goal that many try to work towards at any time of year. But it’s not an easy thing to do because nicotine is so addictive. A variety of products can help people to stop smoking, but identifying the best ones isn’t always easy. Some of them seem like good ideas, but they really don’t work that well. There’s no perfect solution, but some products are better than others. We’ve considered the following options to help you find the most effective products for your journey to stop smoking.


Vaping and E-cigarette Products


Vaping and e-cigarettes are a relatively new tool to stop smoking with, but they’ve quickly become popular. This is probably for a few reasons, including that it feels like you’re still smoking. You can choose to use liquids that contain nicotine or don’t, and you can get budget or more expensive options. What some people like is that it becomes a hobby. Sites like show you how you can customize your kit. You can collect new products and add-ons and have fun with different flavors too. There’s not as much evidence about whether they work compared to other products, but it’s great that vaping can give you a new hobby.


Nicotine Products


People have used nicotine products for a while, including patches, gum, and lozenges. These products all release nicotine in different ways and have different benefits. Some people like patches because they’re discreet, and ideal for times when you can’t be seen chewing or sucking on anything. But gum or lozenges can be great to deal with oral fixation that comes with smoking. Using nicotine products can be good for helping you to wean off nicotine, instead of quitting cold turkey.

Quit-smoking Apps


Apps you can put on your phone or other mobile device are a more modern choice for quitting. While they don’t give you any nicotine (not yet, anyway), they’re a good support tool to make the mental battle of quitting easier. You can use apps like Quitter’s Circle, which gives you tips on quitting and helps you to set goals and track your progress. These apps help you to manage your journey and have the willpower to quit, but some people might struggle if they’re not using any nicotine products alongside them.


Prescription Products


Some people who are really struggling to quit smoking might ask for a prescription to help them. While we can’t say which of them might be a good idea, talking to your doctor about your smoking is always wise. They might be able to prescribe you extra-strength nicotine patches or possibly prescription drugs that will help with your cravings. However, taking prescription drugs does mean having to consider the side effects, which might not be ideal for a lot of people. It’s often a last resort for people who are finding it difficult to quit.


If you want to quit smoking, you have a range of products to choose from. It’s also best not to rely on these products alone and make sure you have emotional support too.

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