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The Hypnos Zero Extract Vaporizer by Linx Vapor is able to be used over the course of a few sessions without needing to have a charge. The breakdown of the vaporizer is easy, allowing for it to work at peak capacity with only irregular sorts of cleaning. The cleaning process of the Hypnos Zero is nothing out of the ordinary, just requiring that the purchaser soak the mouthpiece and filter piece. The efficiency of the vaporizer is such that the concentrate that is used breaks down rather than forming sticky or otherwise off-putting compounds in the vaporizer. The additional customization that is present with the Hypnos Zero means that one can key in the temperature into one of four distinct presets. Finding the right temperature is so important in terms of proper vaporization, and Linx offers these sort of functions in a fashion that is easy to understand and successfully vaporizes concentrates at all levels of viscosity.

One can find the Hypnos Zero at online retailers for around $75-80 dollars. The kit that Linx Vapor provides includes the vaporizer,the battery (650 mAh), the atomizer, two glass mouthpieces, a filter, and an USB charger which will allow easy re-charging no matter where one may be (work, home, an overnight trip). The device will serve a buyer well as it does not contain anything but the essentials. Linx has crafted the Hypnos Zero with durability in mind. This vaporizer is something that will work just fine residing at the bottom of a bookbag or purse.

For those that already have the Hypnos from Linx, the parts are compatible. Additional information about the Hypnos Zero and new products from Linx can be found at their social media profiles. Let us know what you think about the Hypnos Zero.

Rating: 8.6/10

Hypnos Zero Extract Vaporizer (Linx Vapor) / $77.99 /

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