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The Haiku Project’s latest project Nebula begins with a titular effort that sets the stage for all of the twists and turns that are to follow. Strong sweeping synths have an air of gravitas. There is a strong narrative element that is weaved through this introductory track which makes its 5:30 run time seem much shorter. Breeze has hints of a vocal element that play at the upper registers while the piano line acts as the canvas upon which the rest of the track is built. While a listener can go about their day while Nebula is playing, we’d strongly recommend carving out some time and really focusing in on the music that is to follow.

Creation really showcases the beauty of Henrik Hytteballe’s composition. The addition of Sara Grabow not only to this track but through the whole of the songs on Nebula make for a tremendously interesting and engrossing effort. Grabow’s vocals when present do add beauty, but they also are important as they add considerably to the overall sound of each of Hytteballe’s arrangements.

5th Element is one of our favorite tracks on Nebula. The more deliberate piano lines moor listeners to reality while the atmosphere created at the top of the track is much more fanciful. The wind-swept sound of 5th Element is something that is emotionally intense while being able to shift and change as Hytteballe desires.

Nebula concludes with Fire and Water. The track is vital for understanding where Hytteballe will go in follow-ups to Nebula. This track has a dark, smoky sound that takes up hints of 1990s goth music and traditional singer-songwriter styles. It stands boldly from the rest of the album while providing an emphatic exclamation point at the end of the composition.

Top Tracks: Fire and Water, 5th Element

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