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Weston Simonis’ Yoga Pants is a fun blend of pop, electronic, and rock styles that will tattoo its melodies deep into the minds and hearts of listeners. The production is polished and ensures that each disparate element is able to shine on its own while contributing to a cohesive sound. A sizzling guitar line and harder, chugging sound works well with T-pain-styled vocals; a subtle nod to Lady Gaga is made by Simonis with the chorus to this cut. The track builds off of the tradition of performers like MSI and The Bloodhound Gang. The bit of instrumental-dominance to the single (around the 2 minute mark) allows Weston to further hammer home his inimitable style. 

Yoga Pants has a surprising amount of depth that ensures listeners will continually find new twists and turns on subsequent listens. We recommend fully strapping on a pair of headphones and hearing the instrumentation separate from the vocals, as it has some incredibly thoughtful dynamics and fulfilling lines that bubble forth on later spins. There is a ton of material that is included in a sub-four minute single. With the sheer array of things occurring at each and every second on Yoga Pants, the replay value of the single continues to accumulate.

The video for Yoga Pants (attached below) does well to introduce Simonis to a wider set of listeners. For additional information about Weston Simonis, take a trip over to his Facebook and other social media profiles. The catchiness of Yoga Pants will ensure that listeners will be singing along to the single long after the song ceases to play. Fans of hard rock, pop, and even EDM will find something that they can appreciate with Weston Simonis’ new track.

Weston Simonis – Yoga Pants / 2017 Self Released /

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