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Writing is something which I sometimes absolutely hate – having someone to write my papers for me would be a dream come true! It isn’t that I mind it quite so much, it can just sometimes feel relentless. There is so much to do and to say about everything to do with writing, that it can sometimes feel like no amount of work will ever even come close to finishing it.

Writing is what a lot of students are now trying to avoid, going to essay writing services such as or instead of working on things themselves. There are a number of reasons for this, not limited to people simply being lazy: maybe they are lazy, of course, but they could equally be out of time due to other commitments, or have a family emergency that takes up their time. Whatever the reason, this trend is not slowing down.

Writing Can Be Difficult

The first problem is one that affects research as well as writing – these types of work don’t really look like conventional work, and so people tend to treat us as though we are not working at all. Anybody who watches me on a daily basis would see me staring at a screen for most of the day, while sometimes using the keyboard, or occasionally switching screens. Writing is a very internal process, with not much to be seen by outside eyes.

The journey through writing can be hard and lonely, particularly if everyone around you think that you aren’t working hard, and so treat you with any kind of negative emotion. Writing is quite often derided as ‘not a real job’, and this can make it more difficult to write – we need support of some kind if we are to be at our best.

Experience is Hard to Build

I have a lot of experience now – enough to know that I can build myself up into a good writing flow when I get enough inspiration, but when I first started out, things were very difficult. Figuring out what works for you and what doesn’t, what style you use, and which ones inspire you, are things that can only come through practice and experience. Many people don’t want a new writer, or if they do, it is only so that they can justify paying less money. Writing at first can be a grind – until you find your niche, you end up doing a lot of scut-work to make ends meet, since you will likely still have bills to pay.

New writers need to figure out what works for them – the best routine they can use, and how they can motivate themselves when they don’t feel up to the task of writing. Think of writing as exercise – when you start exercising, it can be difficult, both in terms of the actual exercise, and in forming the habits which keep you going to the gym. As you gain more experience, both of these things become easier, in exercise and in writing.

The Topic Doesn’t Interest You

All of the research done on writers and writing say that writing is easiest when people feel enthusiastic about it. If you are enthusiastic about writing sales copy, or about writing SEO articles and reviews for people, then you will likely be very happy and content with any type of writing. But if that doesn’t interest you, then most of your writing career will likely be quite a struggle.

Other People Have so Much to Say

If you’ve ever gone onto a writing site, or a review site of any kind, you know what I mean here – people just have so much to say about their own ideas and knowledge. Knowledge is good, and reading is an excellent way to learn more about particular writing styles or new lines of thought, but it is easy to become overwhelmed by everything, and end up with more than you can read.

I did actually try and do some calculations on the literature which is written every year, just by looking at the various academic journals which are available online. Even if you only assume two journals a year with four articles each (and this is a massively low estimate), then the end result is a total of nearly three hundred and sixty two thousand, four hundred pieces of literature.

Try and Stay Up-to-date in Your Chosen Field

My field is Classics, and even though it is much smaller than, say, education, or biology, there is still a lot of reading material and archive material to work through. Someone who is coming into the field will have a lot of reading to do just to come to grips with the main events in history, politics, and literature – never mind all the comparative work done between the different societies, the ideas surrounding literature and art, and so on. Nobody could ever read everything on the subject, so once people have gone over the basics to a good degree, they then choose one area to specialise in. While having a subject that you enjoy can help with the writing process, when there is a lot of literature already out there, what does your voice have to add? Overcoming the block of thinking that you have nothing to say is something can take a lot of time and effort – this is especially true when you have spent time reading a lot – it can feel overwhelming, and it can drown out your own voice in a sea of others which seem endlessly more qualified.

The sheer volume of literature which is now available on many subjects can make it difficult to know where to start writing. Should you stick to book reviews, or try and write an article? It depends, in part, on what you are interested in, but it also depends on you taking a deep breath and simply diving into the writing world, getting started in any way possible.

Writing Can Be Boring

Everyone who wants to be a writer thinks that they will write the next great novel, or they dream of doing research on subjects they are passionate about while sitting in a comfy coffee shop which is full of books and eccentric characters. Some people do enjoy that, and sometimes other people get to move in and out of that world, but the sad fact is that this is a fantasy. Much of your time will be spent on subjects which bore you and which do not inspire you, and you will spend a lot of time doing repetitive tasks for your daily bread. Writing is boring for a lot of the time.

Final Thoughts

Having someone to write my papers for me would be wonderful, because while I do love writing, and I am sure that every other writer does too, but writing can sometimes be difficult, for many reasons beyond the ones discussed in this article. Sometimes I really hate it.


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