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Alex Stanilla creates a unique sound during his latest release, the 4-track EP WEN. Lehehiah builds off of the synth-pop of the mid eighties, with hints of Depeche Mode and Yaz influences present. Taking hints from industrial and gothic genres, this first song is a tremendous introduction to the performer. Things get deeper and more intense with Albuquerque. This effort has stretched out and echoing vocals married to a brooding, trap-infused sort of beat. There are so many different twists and turns that listeners will experience as they get further into WEN that one will likely need to play the extended play multiple times before hearing each nuance that Alex Stanilla has placed here. The female vocals that are interspersed during Albuquerque make this into an effort that one could easily hear on college radio station. The passion and beauty that is contained here continues on to the second half of the release.

Driving Across Arizona At Sunset has a much longer instrumental section. While there is a vocal element to this track, this is much more haunting and ethereal. It bridges the gap between the vocal and instrumental side of things, making for a track that still is able to tell a story while having a tremendous depth to each and every note that plays. Quietest Kids is the final track on WEN, benefting considerably from a set of vocals that are reminiscent of performers like the Pet Shop Boys. The echoing distortion of the guitars here is the perfect counterpoint to these soft and sedate sound. A bit of echo later and listeners are led out of this album with a dreamy, electrified soundscape. Stanilla tells a detailed story with this EP.

Top Tracks: Driving Across Arizona At Sunset, Quietest Kids

Rating: 8.1/10


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