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A vinyl wall decal is a form of wall art installed on walls to decorate part of the living space. It has swiftly replaced the definition of wallpaper for many people. A lot of people may not know that vinyl wall art application is much easier and simpler to remove than the steaming, scoring, and scraping to clear away wallpaper.

Beautifying common spaces is challenging but necessary. Be it a large office with several employees working in one space or a dorm where college students have a shared lounge, the area needs some design and décor. Permanent fixings on the wall mean sticking to one type of taste for several years. Different people have different choices and not everyone can be catered at one time. Then the best choice is to rotate the decorations every once in a while. Since vinyl wall decals are simple to set up and remove, they can be easily installed as a small group project or to let one person create a unique masterpiece all by his or her own.

The use of wall stickers bodes well particular for bigger areas where painting and wall decoration is not very much approved of, however keeping the walls bare and white is also an issue. In this article, we are talking about how to decorate common spaces with vinyl wall decals.


Sharing is caring and it becomes inevitable in situations when there lacks enough room for everyone to have their own space. This holds true not just for offices, but also schools, college rooms, and families. One approach to giving everyone their own particular space is to set up a partition. Every individual can beautify it as they wish and put vinyl wall stickers on the side of the barriers. Make sure the surface is clean and smooth to get the best results. The decoration choice can differ from wall mural deals to geometric shapes and designs.

Dormitory Common Areas

One of the interesting parts about dorm living is that students have their own room or one roommate, yet share common spaces with as few as five people and as many as forty. Schools usually leave the common area walls painted plain white. It is for the students to put decorations as per their choice. This can be easily done with vinyl stickers. If deciding on one sticker becomes difficult, it is good to let students vote and choose from various themes, or the resident assistance can decide for them, setting up designs and patterns that look trendy and fun. This will add excitement to the common areas which are usually used for students to study, watch TV, hold meetings, and just gather up to socialize.

Reception Areas

An innovative approach to light up a residential or commercial space is to use wall decals. You must have noticed that the reception area is generally sullen and quiet. The use of vinyl wall decals and decorations will vitalize the room and give a welcoming vibe. Designs can either be coordinated with the theme of the room or emerge in sharp contrast. Tree wall decals are a common choice for reception areas. Also, personalized lettering of the company’s name can be shown for everyone to see as they enter the office.

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