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Are looking forward to a wonderful trip to India? Well, let me start off by letting you know that your trip to this amazing travel destination will sure be an exceptional one. India is one of the world’s finest destinations for nature lovers, especially given the fact that India is a haven of incomparable flora and fauna.

However, with India being a tourist attraction, questions of when the best time of the year to visit India is never seem to end. Most voyagers and travelers want to have a clear picture of how their trip to India will be based on the fact that weather conditions can make or break your vacation experience. So, based on the weather, this article is meant to give you the traveler an overview of the varied weather conditions in India.

  • January – At the beginning of the year, India experiences some pretty cold nights. However, the days are pretty warm and dry, making January a perfect time of the year for sightseeing. You can also have a good view of the famous Himalayas while in India during this time of the month. But because January is not the ideal time for the Himalayas, it is advisable that you wrap up and keep warm.


  • February –During the month of love, the fog and mist in the northern states starts to clear paving way for some warm and sunny days. So, if you want to treat yourself and your lover to an amazing trip to India, February is one of the best times to do so. What is more, you can celebrate your valentine’s day in style. But because most travelers have their schedules set for this month, it is important that you plan ahead and make bookings in advance.


  • March & April–The sunny and warm days roll up to the month of March and April. This is the perfect time of the year for a wildlife experience. But because the temperatures are high at this time of the year, mornings and evenings will be the perfect time for excursions.


  • May – At this time of the year, the temperatures are extremelyhigh and this can be quite uncomfortable.


  • June –In June, the country is awaiting the monsoon. So, at this time, the humidity is high and frequent thunderstorms are experienced, especially in the Himalayas and the southern states.


  • July & August –These two months are the most ideal for visiting the mountain regions of Ladakh. As for the other parts of India, these two months come with lots of celebrations of the monsoon rains. During these months, the water levels come up, making it the perfect time for cruising as well.


  • September –During this month, the Himalayas experiences rains, making it a no-go-zone until the rains clear.


  • October, November and December – In October, the rains are gone and this is the peak of the travel season. The warm and sunny days return from October all through to December. So, if you want to travel without worrying about the weather, this is the time to do so.
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