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Shaniah Paige’s Last Year EP contains four tracks; Mysterious Boy, Be Somebody, Darlin Karlen, and Alice in Wonderland. Together, these compositions provide listeners with a deep and detailed story about a new and exciting performer.

Mysterious Boy is a perfect piece of pop-country. Shaniah Paige’s vocals are rich and compelling, showcasing an inviting demeanor while expressing sentiment that anyone that actively searching out someone to love will understand. The taut instrumentation ties together 1990s alternative, 2000s pop, and an earlier rock tradition with Shaniah’s alluring vocals, making for a track that is extraordinarily catchy.

Be Somebody slows things down a bit. Listeners will love the instrumental arrangements here, as Shaniah Paige opts for a slower, more contemplative sound to her voice. This is another bonefide hit; the bit of sadness (but tempered by hope) that is heard here showcases tremendous pathos.

Darlin Karlen’s the wistful track on the Last Year EP, linking together the same deep and thoughtful instrumentation with a timeless vocal presence. With another single-worthy song under her belt, Page creates a crossover hit in the EP’s last track. We love the quicker tempo of Shaniah’s vocals here alongside the back and forth between the instrumentation and lyrics content. This mid-tempo track looks back to the 1990s and oughts well, refreshing the style into something that fans of current music will eagerly devour. Alice in Wonderland concludes the Last Year EP and ties together the previous efforts in a cohesive fashion. Furthermore, the track is vital in that it showcases a number of potential paths that Paige could take on the follow-up to this release. For samples of her music and other news and updates, make sure to add Paige on social media and check out her main domain. What do you think of Last Year?

Top Tracks: Mysterious Boy, Alice in Wonderland

Rating: 8.7/10

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