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Christian American Pop Star is a great opening to Will Loomis’ Clean LP due to the innovative approach that he takes. Loomis’ vocals ties together Neil Young, Bad Religion, and Monster Magnet into a sharp, critical rock track that is musically intense and utterly engrossing.

Panic and Fear begins with a guitar line right out of the At The Drive-In playbook, spun into a bold new style with just a hint of surf music. This time, the vocals build off of the framework laid down by Devo and Jello Biafra. Again, the production of this song could easily have the track be slotted on an alternative rock station.

You Do Voodoo keeps things interesting by having a more streamlined, straightforward rock approach. The song dovetails well with the next track, The Holy Don’t Know Me. The Holy Don’t Know Me has the contemplative guitar work of 1980s emo and mid/late 1990s Radiohead and The Flaming Lips, with Loomis crafting a twinkling track that will undoubtedly take listeners on a journey.

Run Virgin Run is a late-album track that is tremendous in its sound; the brooding, deliberate sound of the track utilizes vocals in the Trent Reznor mold, while the guitar/drum dynamic keeps things nice and tidy all while sounding as if the instrumentation will be kicked up into a tremendous fury. The Waitress in the Sky pushes everything to an extreme. The narrative quality of Will’s vocals will have listeners hanging on each and every word, while the arrangement has the same bouncy sound previously crafted by britpop acts like Blur (imagine “Parklife”). With so many different approaches and styles, there’s a good chance that all listeners will find something that they can appreciate on Will Loomis’ Clean LP.

Top Tracks: Christian American Pop Star, The Holy Don’t Know Me, The Waitress in the Sky

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Will Loomis – Clean LP

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