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Getting professional help is the best solution when you feel like your substance use is getting out of hand. If you are at risk of losing your job or the people that matter in your life, getting help is not a sign of weakness but the first step to getting your life together again. Understandably, you will feel unsure of where to begin. An assessment test should be the first test that you should consider taking.

You stand to benefit from the assessment that you take. It is highly recommendable that you take the test with the help of a professional counselor such as those found at Such will be able to use their expertise to give you the best analysis and offer guidance on what to do next based on the results of the assessment. From the assessment, the counselor is able to get important information.

Determine whether you are addicted or not

You may have a substance abuse problem but it may not have necessary become an addiction. The assessment is vital as it allows you to know whether you have an addiction or not. This evaluation tool is such that it measures the use frequency of the substance among other parameters that allow you to know just how bad the substance use is. The worst-case scenario is that you have a full blown addiction to the substance. If the abuse has not reached addictive levels, then you are on safer ground.

Addiction extent

The tests allow you to determine the extent of the addiction you have. If your addiction is mild, managing it will not be very difficult. This information is vital as it will help you know what you need to do to get over the problem. The assessment allows you to know just how bad the addiction is. The more addicted you are to the substance, the harder it is to gain control over its use. An expert will be able to work this out based on the results of the assessment.

Search for any co-occurring conditions

Substance abuse can be as a result of an underlying condition. The evaluation helps to test for these conditions. This allows the professional to offer recommendations that will work for you. If you treat just the substance abuse, you may just be taking care of a symptom and leave the real problem unresolved. Identifying other conditions will see you recover faster from your addiction and have minimal chances of going back to the substance abuse after the treatment.

Treatment plan development

Most importantly, the assessment allows you to end up with a treatment plan that has high chances of success. It is possible to subdue addictions only if you follow the best treatment plan. Everyone’s needs are different so what may work for one person may not work for you. An assessment allows tailoring of a treatment plan that will effectively work on your problems and provide sufficient solutions. You will end up with a more successful treatment plan for your condition.

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