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Emo bands never die… they just usually grow up and keep making the same records they made in the early aughts. In the case James Dewees (aka Reggie & the Full Effect), that means another so-so effort with hints of promise that ultimately falls apart after repeated listens.

“41,” his seventh effort and first in about five years, carries many of the same hallmarks as his other records – both good and bad. There’s the ‘80s Depeche Mode-like synth sound throughout (used to its best effect on the impressively nostalgic “Heartbreak”) the trying-way-too-hard song titles (“Channing Tatum Space Rollerblading Montage Music”) and the mock hard rock tracks (“Karate School”).

When he sheds the forced goofiness, on a song like the straight-forward “Broke Down,” you can see the promise of a much better album. Unfortunately, those moments are few and far between.

For those who loved Reggie & The Full Effect when the Van’s Warped Tour was the highlight of your summer – Congrats! He’s back and just as you remember him.

For everyone else, nothing to see here. Move along.

Reggie And The Full Effect – 41/14 tracks/Pure Noise/2018 / Website

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